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Programmes in English run by Radom Academy of Economics for Erasmus+ Students

Radom Academy of Economics has run the International Programme since 2007. The programme and the interdisciplinary English path which was created within it enable the students from the partner universities to study at RAE for one or two terms. The main aim of the English path at Radom Academy of Economics is to help students gain knowledge and skills needed to move freely on the international market level.

The curriculum of the English path was prepared in order to provide students with the necessary knowledge and practical skills in decision-making in diverse conditions of the international market environment. The path realised in this scope is extremely valuable and useful for students because of its interdisciplinary and multi-dimensional approach to analysis of contemporary problems of businesses and economic environment. Currently, many foreign companies and state institutions are in need for specialists in international business that is why, Radom Academy of Economics places an emphasis on the close integration of theoretical and practical knowledge as well as preparation for professional work gained during workshops.
The English Path “International Business in Global Economy” is primarily aimed at providing the students with knowledge and skills needed in doing business internationally and prepare them to work in companies operating in the EU and global economic space. In addition, by taking part in the programme students can acquire knowledge of cultural differences, international relations which enables them to understand the issues of the modern world better, analyze the environment and notice the interconnections among economic units. The programme helps them to learn rules for running businesses, ensuring effectiveness of the market as well as creating and implementing business plans. Students will find out about the functioning of the global and European market, including competition rules, procedures related to the movement of goods across borders. They will also learn how to carry out analyses and evaluate the situation on international markets.
Winter term: 01.10. 2018 – 15.01.2019
Subjects for winter term:
-Human Resources Management on the international market 5 ECTS
-European and International Commercial Law 5 ECTS
-Institutions and European Union Sources 4 ECTS
-Security Problems in the European Union 4 ECTS
-Pedagogical challenges in the modern world 4 ECTS
-Intercultural Communication in Europe 4 ECTS
-Economic policy in the European Union 4 ECTS
-International Marketing 4 ECTS
-Development of Information Technology in UE 4 ECTS
-Polish for beginners 6 ECTS

Spring term: 01.03.2019 – 15.06.2020
Subjects for spring term:
-Corporate Social Responsibility in the European Union 5 ECTS
-International Business Administration 4 ECTS
-Cyber threats and security of Informatic Systems 4 ECTS
-Global Financial Markets 4 ECTS
-International Relations in current world 5 ECTS
-Psychology in the management of international organizations 4 ECTS
-Regional Policy in the European Union 4 ECTS
-Social aspects of Integration Process in Europe 5 ECTS
-Telecommunications and promotion in the modern world 4 ECTS

-Polish for beginners 6 ECTS

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