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Online learning at RAE – Rector’s Order!


Dear students, lecturers – with a view to ensuring the continuity of the teaching process in our University, during the spread of the COVID-19 virus, the teaching classes will be conducted via the remote teaching platform. From the congress 4/5 April 2020, some classes will be carried out in the form of online.

Please familiarize yourself with the timetable for your groups, shared in the virtual dean’s office, and use this form of education as far as possible in organizational terms. We have littered the login instructions and video tutorial below.

Ordinance of the Rector of RAE- online learning

Instructions for downloading and logging into Microsoft Teams.

1.   To log in, go to:

2.After clicking on the Log in button marked in red, enter the login data in accordance with the following rules:
Student login: index number @ for example

password for the student: WSHRadom2020

Lecturer login: first name, followed by a period and last name for example:

Lecturer’s password: WSHRadom2020

After logging in for the first time you will be asked to change the password.

To change the password correctly, enter WSHRadom2020 again in the Current password line. If dots appear in this line, they should be removed first.

Then enter your new password in the next lines.

Please, write yourself a new password because the process of its reset can take from 2 to 24 hours (system load).

3.After logging in we will go to the next page where we choose the Teams option
4.We will be redirected to the Team system page.
We have two options:

Download the Windows application
Instead, use the web application.

If you choose the first option, after the download is completed, you will need to run the downloaded application to install it.

If you choose the second option, you will go directly to the application. Unfortunately, not all browsers cope with sharing a microphone or webcam. Problems arise especially in desktop computers. Microsoft EDGE or Internet Explorer browsers are recommended. That is why the first option is recommended, which gives the opportunity to use the Teams system as a communicator for everyday communication within the university (and not only).

You can have Microsoft Teams application on virtually any device. No matter if it’s Windows, Linux or MacOS. It is also possible to install applications on mobile platforms such as android or iOS (iPhone). In this case, all you need to do is search for Microsoft Teams in the Google Play store or App Store, download and install.

Recommended scenario for organizing work with students using Teams

Video management in Office 365 and Teams and planning meetings excluding students as speakers

The work in the system is shown in the instructional video below.

E-books for learning!

We encourage you to use the IBUK Libra electronic databases, Virtual Science Library and Legalis. From March 31 IBUK Libra has been enriched with additional items. Until the end of April, as part of the IBUKA Libra system resources, we provide a free methodological publication package from PWN.

We believe that it will be a real support for education in remote mode, as well as help for people who use this time to write diploma theses, scientific papers or articles.

List of titles from PWN
more information:

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