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Letter Writing Marathon 2019 at RAE

For the fifth time, the Radom Academy of Economics is joining the handwritten letter campaign for selected people as part of the Amnesty International Letter Writing Marathon. In the grand finale from 12.00 noon on December 14th to 12.00 the next day (24 hours!) We will, together with students and Radomians, write letters in defense of young people whose rights have been broken or violated. We demand justice, we object to the authorities of countries where they serve improper sentences or are persecuted! Do you want to save someone’s life? Check – where and when you can write a letter besides the finals!

Letter Writing Marathon is always organized around the International Day of Human Rights (10.12). During this event, people around the world are mobilizing to solidly oppose human rights violations by writing solidarity letters with victims.

“There is a spark of courage in each of us. We can take the floor on a just cause. We can send a tweet. We can protest. We can write a letter. We can work together, side by side with human rights defenders and defenders, to fight injustice and build a more just world. This year, we are defending young people who got to know court rooms or prison cells too early and experienced fear for their future. “- Amnesty Int.

The idea of ​​the Marathon was born in Poland 18 years ago and quickly became the world’s largest event in the defense of human rights. In 2018, together with Amnesty, we sent over 300,000 letters. In addition to our university, more than 799 marathon spots were organized in which everyone could write a letter! During last year’s action, at the Radom Academy of Economics in Radom, we once again broke the record by writing, together with students, students of patronage schools and Radomians, over 7000 letters! Every year, thanks to your sensitivity, there can be many more!

We hope that also this year: students, students, residents of our city, as well as people from public and social life will again show their heart and support. On November 25th we begin the first campaign of writing letters at schools under the auspices of the university. On weekends from November 23 to December 7 (excluding Sundays without trade) everyone in our city and region will be able to write a letter by visiting Galeria Słoneczna. In the holiday season it is a good opportunity to take a few minutes and do a good deed!
Did you take the deadline for your school? Do you want to organize a marathon with a class or classes at school? Do you already have experience from the previous year? Report willingness to organize yourself – we will prepare materials for students, you and your school have the chance to help more! After action at school, we are waiting for them to the final!

This year, Amnesty Int. Has selected ten brave, brave young people from around the world (among them there is also a group of activists), for whom the good of others has become the supreme value or they have been wrongly accused and accused! Unfortunately, as a result of the injustices of the authorities of the countries in which they live, their lives are in danger, and even unfair judgments have already been given. You can object! Learn their stories and don’t be indifferent, each letter helps them believe in good and return to the family!


This year, we write for young, brave – just like you! Be solidary, meet the silhouettes of people and sign a letter in defense of justice!

Emil Ostrowko – BIAŁORUŚ

Ibrahim Ezz El-Din – EGIPT

Marinel Sumook Ubaldo – FILIPINY

Sarah Mardini i Seán Binder –GRECJA

José Adrián –MEKSYK

Yiliyasijiang Reheman – CHINY

Yasaman Aryani – IRAN

Magai Matiop Ngong – SUDAN

Nasu Abdulaziz – NIGERIA

Młodzież z Grassy Narrows – KANADA


 Przyjdź, napisz list i uratuj życie!

Come, write letter and safe the life!

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