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Scientific clubs

Radom Academy of Economics scientific circles were brought to life on the initiative of students. The purpose of their existence is to expand knowledge and develop individual scientific interests of young people. Participants of these Circles conduct research, cooperate with other universities student organizations, establish contacts with institutions and companies, invite interesting guests, organize trips, participate in conferences and symposiums. An important element of the students? activity in the Scientific Circles is writing and publishing scientific papers.

Student Scientific Circles operating in Radom’s Academy of Economics:

Circle of Homeland Security ‘Securitas’

Students belonging to this Circle are devoted to organize training courses, study visits, symposia, conferences on the following areas: national security threats and internal social exclusion (homeless, refugees and immigrants, unemployment, poverty), a strategy for smart, sustainable development – EUROPE – 2020, crime – threats for the modern family, national and ethnic minorities, security policy, national defense system. Active involvement in the initiatives of the Management of Radom Academy of Economics. They organize Safety Day in RAoE, thematic meetings with interesting people dealing with security issues and experts in selected areas, take and carry out scientific and research activities. Scientific Circle Supervisor: Associate Professor Dr. Hab. Jan Kutyła.

Circle of Young Computer Scientists

Circle of Young Computer Scientists is a form of scientific activity of students, increasing interest related to research and teaching activities of the Radom Academy of Economics.

Within the circle, students participate, among others in such international competitions as: Google Online Marketing Challenge and Microsoft Imagine Cup. Participants have the opportunity to gain knowledge about organizing an AdWords campaign and to gain Google certificate confirming knowledge in this field.

Wheel Supervisor is MSc. Eng. Łukasz Wojcicki.

Scientific Circle of Psychology

Students belonging to this Circle implement various projects for the local community, including workshops on: Psychological and psychosocial aspects of children?s functioning in violent and incestuous families, Creating healthy self-image in the context of personal training, Travel broadens (educated?), They organize study visits to centers working with young people: ARKA, KARAN and others, they are involved in the court docket, in Family and Juvenile Courts, They cooperate with Mielec Academy for Solving and Educational Problems operating under the Radom Academy of Economics umbrella. In addition, they are conducting research on the level of the Mielec high school student’s knowledge on HIV / AIDS and the psychological aspects of violence directed at women. Circle supervisor is Dr. Paweł Nowak.

Scientific Circle of Young Educators

Like other circles, students under the guidance of a tutor conduct research on Third Sector organizations of Radom Sub region – area of study: Social Policy and expressions of social maladjustment of Youth – third graders of Gymnasiums form Radom region, organize and participate in numerous conferences, scientific open seminars, publish in the field of research and conferences. They are also actively involved in numerous projects for the local community: they participate in Noble Pack action, a Christmas ball on the Children ward of Mazovian Specialist Hospital in Radom, in a meeting with the children in the Family orphanages in Radom, picnic for students and seniors from the Nursing Home.

Scientific Circle of Young Social Educators

The circle works at the Non-Local Department in Mielec. Within the scope of its activities is conducting research on the prevention of HIV / AIDS, organizing conferences, conducting workshops on: Social support for unemployed. As part of the Circle, the students organized a meeting with Santa Claus at the Department of Pediatric District Hospital in Mielec and voluntary meeting with the residents of the nursing home in Mielec. Associations? supervisor is Dr. Andrzej Gołębiowski.

Students Circle for Social Research

Circle of social research works in the Radom’s Academy of Economics for many years now. As part of its work it conducts scientific-research, popularizing-environmental and organizational activities. Participants of circle held discussions on selected topics related to contemporary social, ethical and educational issues. They conduct research on topics in their field of interest under the guidance of a tutor. They improve their skills and social competences in a variety of actions and projects such as participation in scientific conferences, conducting workshops, as well as volunteer work. Information about the meetings are distributed to members, and often also by a virtual dean’s office or announcement posted directly in the University.

In the current academic year the work of the participants and invited guests were presented at the conference on the reform of education and higher education system and its consequences. The academic supervisor is Dr. Krystyna Korneta.

Students Circle of Young administrative Officials

Members of the Circle are actively involved in such researches as: “Psychosocial working conditions of administration officials of Radom region”, “Administrative staff coping with stress methods. Quality of administration”, organize and participate in Scientific – Students and international conferences, Proceedings of the Constitutional Court, acting on behalf of local communities by taking part in the projects: “Local Government Day”, “Day of dignity” and in various knowledge of the administration contests. Wheels supervisor is Dr. Tadeusz Włodek.

Students Circle of Young Diplomats

The purpose of the Circle is to expand students’ knowledge in all aspects of international relations including: development of scientific interest on interstate relations and activities of non-state organizations, learning methods for shaping policies of actors in international relations, the organization of thematic debates with theorists and practitioners from both the ministerial and the local or local government officials levels or NGO sectors (business and NGOs), the development of scientific activities of students, integration of students (to disseminate good and friendly atmosphere in student circles across the country), attention of the proper image of the Radom’s Academy of Economics.

In addition, members of the Circle develop organizational and interpersonal skills, make contacts with other organizations and country-wide departments dealing with issues of international relations, organize and take an active part in seminars, conferences and symposiums, where they have the opportunity to meet with representatives of the scientific, economic and politics in the field of international relations, initiate and carry out the work of promoting knowledge and science of international relations, organize competitions on the topic of international relations, establish cooperation with other organizations and scientific circles dealing with a related theme, organize study visits and practical training. Circle supervisor is Dr. Marek Gawron.

Students Volunteering Circle

Carried out by students programs are based on the knowledge and competencies of volunteers who, through selfless work for another man: seek to develop themselves, learn to share time and energy and develop a sense of responsibility and sense of duty.

Circle’s Voluntary activity in the current academic year covered:

Canoeists Association in Radom – helping people with disabilities at events organized by the association, Foster Family Center in Radom – Assisting the Director in the activities of care – education for the orphaned children, support activities for young people staying in Educational Youth Centres, active participation in projects of Polish – American Freedom Foundation ‘Projector – voluntary student’, active participation in blood donation campaign ‘Vampire-Fest’, Queen of the Apostles Hospice in Radom: work with patients, helping with organizing of charity actions, holding a meeting at the Radom Academy of Economics with experienced hospice volunteers, aid and spending free time with older people residing in the Houses of Social Welfare, helping disabled people to overcome social barriers, inter-department exchanges of experience between volunteers – students from Radom and Mielec.

Moreover, in the context of scientific activity, students: developed research tools with the help of which they were able to conduct the study in its own voluntary activity, organized Nationwide Student Scientific Conference on ‘Innovation of volunteer of society in the XXI century’. The conference was attended by 61 speakers who gave 51 presentations. Among the speakers were both scientists and students – volunteers from various academic centers in Poland: Medical University of Lublin, University of Jan Kochanowski in Kielce, the Catholic University of Lublin, Maria Curie-Sklodowska University in Lublin, University of Technology – Humanities in Radom, Radom’s Academy of Economics (faculties from Radom and Mielec).

Members of the Volunteering Circle develop and provide opinions on projects realized by students – volunteers from the Radom Academy of Economics in the framework of the “PROJECTOR – student volunteering” of Polish – American Freedom Foundation. Circle Volunteer supervisor is Dr. Agnieszka Sadowska.

The most important achievements of student Scientific Circles include:

  • Research projects carried out by the Circle of Social Research: The image of the modern family; Social activity of junior high school students in the Radom’s region; Attitudes of children and adolescents to situations of abuse; Analysis of the situation of graduates in the Radom’s labor market; Diagnosis of social policy for homelessness in the Radom’s region; Children and young people and alcohol.
  • Research projects carried out by the Circle of Young Educators: Coherence of the parents value system with those of their children; Risks and barriers arising from the Internet usage in the era of the twenty-first century; Interpersonal relationships in the family.
  • Research project of the Volunteering Circle: I am a volunteer – the motives of helping children and dependent persons
  • Research project: ‘Life of polish Women in Turkey, and respecting international laws’, carried out in Turkey by the Radom Academy of Economics scholarship holder.
  • Research project: “The use of structural funds by the Turkish people” conducted by Erasmus scholarship holder, also in Turkey.
  • ‘Employee Rights’ – a research project carried out by Radom’s Academy of Economics students in Poland and the UK.
  • Research under the direction of Assoc. Prof. M. Żylicz: “Implementation of international law into Polish law.”
  • Debate with the Circle of political science Maria Curie Skłodowska University ‘Did the image of Poles changed after joining the European Union?’.
  • Debate with the Circle of administrative law of the Catholic University of Lublin: “Poles emigration – necessity or choice?”.
  • Participation and uttering papers at the conference ‘The man to the problems of modernity’, organized by the Student Scientific Circle of Cultural Studies of MCS University in Lublin.
  • Participation and uttering papers at the conference “Man in the Information Society” in Zamość. The conference ended with the publication.
  • Co-organization of Third National Scientific Conference “Marketing communication in times of distrust”, participation and delivery of presentations.
  • Research on: ‘Radom June – 30 years later. Awareness of young Radom citizens on the recent history of the city and Poland”. Present conclusions at a scientific conference “Radoms June ’76 in the eyes of the younger generation”

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