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Specialist English courses!


English has long been the most commonly used so-called second language. It is impossible to imagine functioning in the modern world without at least good knowledge of this language. It is used more and more often not only in connection with foreign trips, but also in the work environment. Even the best studies in a given field, if they are not combined with appropriate preparation in the knowledge of specialist English, may turn out to be an insufficient bargaining card on the labor market. International cooperation, exchange of experience, conducting business with foreign partners and ever-wider opening to the world are the hallmarks of the 21st century. We meet with foreigners almost everywhere, therefore the knowledge of English becomes a necessity. Therefore, the Department of Foreign Languages WSH has prepared a special offer for our students, including training in specialist English.

The offer has been correlated with courses offered at RAE and includes:

– English in accounting

– Business English

– English in management

– English in human resource management

– English in the army (Command & Control)

– English in the Police

– English in computer science

– English in pre-school education

– English in psychology

– Public Relations

– English in the tourism industry

– English in an academic environment

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Katarzyna Dusińska


tel. 603 441 717

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