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International Finance

Concept of studies within the specialty

This specialty is a response to current trends in the global economy, resulting from the globalization of financial markets and economic and monetary integration. He prepares future specialists for the financial market and international business. Graduates are knowledgeable in international finance, with particular focus on investing in international financial markets. They know the specifics and rules of functioning of transnational corporations, including their role in the financial market and in the investment process. They can choose the form of financing a business venture or allocate capital using a variety of financial instruments.

The program of study within the specialty includes:

  • Economy
  • Marketing
  • Balance sheet law and international accounting regulations
  • Methods and techniques of management
  • Financial markets and instruments
  • International finance Structural funds and EU projects
  • Financial consulting and brokerage
  • Risk management and financial engineering
  • Customs and foreign exchange law
  • Fundamentals of fundamental, technical and portfolio analysis
  • Financial security

Career prospects

The specialty prepares you to work in the international banking, investment, innovation and employment sectors in national and international financial institutions, capital market institutions including stock exchanges, brokerage houses, rating agencies, investment funds, pension funds and venture capital firms. And international financial advisory companies, audit firms as well as in the financial departments of manufacturing, service and commercial businesses. This specialty also prepares to run a business independently and manage its finances.

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