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Human rights and hate speech – debate!


On the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights on December 11, 2018, a youth debate under the slogan “Human rights as a tool of struggle against radicalization of social life and hate speech” will take place at the Radom Academy of Economics.

In December 2018, the 70th anniversary of the adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights is considered the foundation of human rights. On December 10, 1948, the UN General Assembly declared solemnly the Declaration “as the common highest goal of all peoples and all nations, that all people and all bodies of society will constantly remember this Declaration – strive to teach and educate to develop respect for these rights and freedoms and to ensure, through progressive national and international measures, the universal and effective recognition and application of this Declaration both among the Member States and among the peoples living in the areas under their authority. ‘

The declaration is a source of inspiration for many international treaties on human rights. It has a significant impact on such issues as: combating injustice, solving conflicts and problems of societies experiencing repression, or efforts to ensure universal respect for human rights.

In spite of so many treatments according to the above declaration, still in many communities or informal groups there is a belief that people are divided into those whose life is valuable and those who are worthless. In many cases, passive observers do not feel the need to respond to violence and rampant evil. The tragedy may concern entire nations (eg Tutsi and Hutu) or local communities – individuals.

The aim of the debate is, among others, to draw attention to the need to accept diversity and identify the most common sources of hate crimes, empower potential victims of intolerance, strengthen the awareness and sensitivity of people opposing these phenomena, as well as promote attitudes, behaviors and standards of legal protection related to crime reduction motivated by hatred and violation of human dignity due to ethnic, ethnic, racial, religious or non-denominational differences, or other reasons resulting in particular from non-negotiable (permanent) features – community policing.

The organizers of the debate – the RAE and the Provincial Police Headquarters in Radom – in particular invite school and university students wishing to broaden their knowledge of the above topics, teachers and teachers and members of local self-government communities, as well as officers of uniformed services implementing pro-social prophylactic and preventive mission.

Place of debate – Radom Academy of Economics on Traugutta 61A, Auditorium Primum  at 10.00 on 11th December.

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