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Finance and Banking

Concept of studies within the specialty

Students learn the mechanisms of functioning of enterprises, the public finance sector, financial markets, banks and insurance companies, understand the interdependence between finance and the real economy. They have knowledge of financial analysis for companies and financial institutions, including banks. They can assess creditworthiness, calculate the effectiveness of individual financial instruments and choose the most appropriate instrument. They will be able to present the financial and social implications of their decisions and projects, along with their substantive justification.

The program of study within the specialty includes:

  • Law in the economy
  • Fundamentals of Finance Public finances
  • Financial Accounting
  • Financial analysis
  • Finance company
  • Financial markets and instruments
  • Banking
  • Banking service for businesses and local governments
  • Financial consulting and brokerage
  • Financial control
  • Risk management and financial engineering
  • Fundamentals of fundamental, technical and portfolio analysis
  • Modern banking services

Career prospects

Graduates are prepared to work as independent financial sector employees, entrepreneurs, managers and consultants. They can do the work of a financial controller, financial advisor, bank product dealer and banking adviser, financial product manager, financial analyst, tax officer. Another area of ​​possible professional activity of graduates is the public finance sector. It includes O financial divisions of municipal, poviat and voivodship self-government, financial services of complex and unincorporated administration, or SKO.

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