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European Culture Day


What could be better than mutual integration combined with good music, great humor, dance and unique company? This is the European Culture Day, which brought together not only high school and junior high school students, but also our students in one place at the same time.
This is how we began celebrating the 30th anniversary of the Erasmus program- first the Vice-Rector
for student affairs – Ph.D. Andrzej Gołębiowski opened the exhibition “Erasmus in WSH- memories”,
thus bringing the program’s history closer to our university, indicating the undoubted advantages of
the program. After a short introduction, we watched an exhibition of photos taken by our students
and employees – those who came to us and those leaving the WSH who wanted to share with all the
memories and impressions in the form of exceptional photos that will remind every participant of
nice moments spent in college or foreign practices, but also moments that have raised maturity,
raised competence and allowed to find a different, international reality.
Enriched by the experiences of others and the advantages of the program, we listened to a guitar
concert of a student from Turkey – Guven Sefy-current Erasmus from Kastamonu University. He played
and sang songs for us – known to all: Tears in heaven, Falling slowly, Fly me to the moon and less
known from the Turkish repertoire – Kara sevda and Aşk Durdukça.
In a nice, melancholy atmosphere, we moved to the lecture hall to listen to and present the
presentation under the walls. “Ukraine you do not know” prepared by Inna Kalinovska and Diana
Tkachuk – our Management students who are native Ukrainians. As it happens in the university walls –
there was also time for learning a foreign language – this time we honed the Turkish language – a
short instruction was given to us by Ramazan Oflaz-Erasmus from the Turkish university Ankara
Yildirim Beyazit. At least every participant now knows that by passing our brothers from Turkey, we
say “Merhaba”.
During the European Culture Day, we gave the chance to present themselves to professionals. The
show of European standard dances – Viennese waltz, tangos, Viennese waltz, though there were also
other continents – Dominican mendengue, rock’n roll, rumba or cha-cha presented youth from the
Dance Center Monika and Roman Pawelcy – titled, famous masters from Radom. Indignant youth and
students learned the basic steps of bachata salsa and secret knowledge about this popular dance
they acquired from the master himself.
Another point of the program was tasting European delicacies – there were also German, Italian,
Greek, French, Lithuanian, Latvian, Ukrainian, Hungarian, Spanish and English cuisine prepared by
Elżbieta Wójcicka. All dishes were perfectly prepared and tasty, but probably the most popular were:
shrimp salad, ham mousse, guinea fowl with lemon “Pintade Au Citron”, Rizi-bizi, Churros, eggs with
caviar, Russian dumplings and rucola pizza.
Eaten and rested, we listened to the speech of Oleksandr Shornikov, a Ukrainian student who, in a
funny way, like a racial showman, interested the audience with his performance – Ukrainian songs, to
sing others who joined.
The last highlight of the program was the fashion show of students and pupils from Radom high
school – Mikołaj Makowski. They presented European outfits – Krakow, Danish, Bavarian, Greek,
Scottish, Turkish and Spanish. Our models and models properly got into roles, although initially they
were quite embarrassed. Numerous applause, however, encouraged greater involvement and better
fun. After sharing photos, exchanging e-mails and telephones we parted full of unforgettable
impressions, enriched with new experiences and new acquaintances.
And as one of the participants of the European Culture Day from the Bilingual School named them
said M. Montessori in Radom – “you can not get bored with you, there is such a nice atmosphere that
you do not want to leave”, which gives the event organizers satisfaction that this form of integration and fun in the 30th anniversary of the Erasmus program is the best detachment from everyday reality, relaxing and bringing positive energy for the next days.
Thank you for coming to the students and pupils and guardians of schools:
– Bilingual School of M. Montessori in Radom,
– Vocational Schools’ of Maj. H. Dobrzański “Hubal” from Radom,
– XI High School with Integration Branches of S. Staszic from Radom,
– High School from Solec on Vistula.
We invite you to watch the photo / video relation from the event.



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