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Psychology of work, organization and management

Draft of Specialization

Psychology of work, organization and management is one of the most extensive department of applied psychology. Studies in this specialization prepares for the optimization of the functioning of the professionals and the professional teams. Students gain knowledge of personal and career counseling, career planning career paths, selection of staff, identifying and eliminating the causes of disruption of interpersonal relationships in the work places, designing and implementing employee evaluation and incentive systems. Studen gains practical skills and ability to creatively apply psychological knowledge in the organization and management of human resources. Students will also possess the knowledge of the pathology and stress of work, enabling the execution of tasks related to the prevention of burnout and bringing assistance to those unemployed and changing profession.

Specialization focuses on:

  • development of human economic activity
  • work counseling and guidance
  • Employment psychology
  • psychology of training
  • psychology of Human Resources
  • psychology of organization
  • Psychology of Management
  • psychology of working conditions
  • psychology of labor market
  • pathologies in organizations
  • Negotiation and Conflict Resolution
  • psychology of groups and power
  • psychology of unemployment




Career prospects

Graduates are prepared to work as the organizational and managerial staff advisor, management consultant and specialist in Human resources, training and development of employees and the organization. Alumnus can function as a leader of organizational change, organization investigator, or teams coordinator motivating employees. Education gained is useful to work in human resources departments of large companies and corporations or in the state administration and local government offices, job centers and consulting firms. Graduate can also run their own business as freelancer, providing services related to eg. creation of the company’s image and brand, finding new ways for businesses to reach customers and search for key professionals (“headhunting”).

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