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Company Management

Framework of the faculty:

Business management is a complex and responsible process in which knowledge and experience play an extremely important role. By learning in this direction, we should have the ability to be able to diagnose problems and quickly resolve them as president, managing director or department head to minimize unwanted consequences. The difficult art of managing a business, we are really learning for the rest of our life. To start with, the most important thing is to be open to change and visionary, to be able to look ahead. At our University we will show you how to manage your business – both small and large – so that you can acquire the knowledge and skills you can use and develop in your future work. Management is the direction for people with leadership and organizational skills, thinking strategically and ready to take risks. This direction prepares you to run your own business, take over and develop your family business as well as work in state and private companies from different industries.

Graduates of this faculty will gain knowledge of the following topics:

  • Methods of organization and management
  • Diagnosis of organizational culture and its impact on the functioning of the institution
  • Principles of decision making
  • Building and managing your own business
  • Creating business plans of the company
  • Developing a company strategy
  • Analysis of enterprise development
  • Preparing and implementing organizational changes
  • Implementation of the quality management system
  • Conducting negotiations.

Job prospects:

Successful completion of studies in the field of business management allows you to gain the skills to hold different positions at all levels of management in different institutions: manufacturing companies, public benefit organizations, local self-government units, and your own business. The graduate will have theoretical and practical knowledge to manage and improve the management processes of various organizations. In particular, he will have skills related to the management of modern enterprise, production and personnel in the enterprise, conducting business negotiations, managerial economics, developing business strategies and development. Graduates are potential team leaders, marketing managers, sales directors, product managers, business management consultants, quality management system attorneys.

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