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Eastern Studies

The concept study in the specialty

The growing interest of both states and multinational concerns, in the wide issue of the East is more often the reason to search and hire specialized professional staff knowing the characteristics of the specific realities of that region of the world. Students who choose this specialization, thanks to the gained knowledge become professionals competent enough to build business relations with partners operating on the eastern markets. Thanks to educational variety and interdisciplinary possibilities of shaping the content of education, students will be prepared to carry out the projects in the field of international marketing, logistics, negotiation and mediation and to communicate effectively in a culturally diverse environment.

Studying on specialty includes subjects such as:

  • International relations in Asia and the Pacific
  • Political systems in Eastern Europe and selected Asian countries
  • Middle East in international relations
  • Philosophies and religions of the East
  • Political and military conflicts in the modern world
  • International negotiations
  • Cultural heritage of the East
  • Diplomatic protocol
  • Special services of the former USSR area after 1991
  • Special services of the USSR and the Soviet bloc
  • System of government of the Russian Federation
  • Ethnic issues in Eastern and Central Europe, and Balkans
  • Ethnic, religious and demographic issues of Russia, Central Asia and the Caucasus
  • History of Eastern Europe
  • The media in the countries of the former Soviet Union

Job prospects

Graduates of Eastern Studies will be qualified for work in companies operating on the Middle and Far East markets, and in Russian or Ukrainian companies investing capital in Poland. They will also have all the power to work in international organizations, diplomatic missions or in the branches, representative offices and foreign trade offices of international companies. A large group of graduates would certainly represent a well-educated Eastern media analysts, and business consultants.

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