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Uniformed services logistic

Framework of the faculty:

Nowadays, the effectiveness of law enforcement officials and the military is not determined only by properly trained personnel working within the operating divisions, acting in the proper organizational structure or the information flow rate. Equally important, in the success of the activities of these services, is the effective and efficient supply in modern equipment. This objective can only be achieved through highly specialized staff having expertise not only in the field of logistics and procurement of supplies or transport, but also in the field of modern techniques used in the areas of operation of these services. Currently such services report a need for people who will not only provide an efficient supply process, but also be excellent specialists in the field of public procurement procedures, or in acquisition of public funding of their needs, e.g. Hardware.

This specialization can be relied on to acquire knowledge and skills in the analysis of the current uniformed services supply needs, as well as expertise in the field of modern supply planning also in crisis situations, which are an inherent feature of environment in which this organizations operates.

Graduates of this faculty will gain knowledge of the following topics:

  • Special units in the army
  • Economy
  • Public procurement law
  • Statistics
  • Knowledge of commodity
  • Finance and Accounting
  • Management
  • Transport economics
  • Metrology and Quality Engineering
  • Reverse logistics and recycling
  • Logistics IT systems
  • System engineering and systems analysis
  • Service Management
  • Logistic infrastructure
  • Production logistics
  • Supply logistics
  • Modern technologies management
  • Logistics in crisis situations
  • Crisis management

Job prospects:

Graduates of this faculty will make great personnel for departments responsible for supply of all kinds of the uniformed services, including in particular the Polish Army, Police, Fire Dept., but also the municipal fire department and emergency medical services. Broad knowledge, including the field of new technologies, will enable them to implement and plan supplies during emergencies in a modern and precise way, such as e.g. a natural disaster.

Ability to quickly make the right strategic decisions, which is acquired while studying at this faculty, will provide an undeniable asset and provide a measurable advantage in the competitive job market.

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