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Military and special forces in the security of the State

Framework of the faculty:

The increasing number of events having a negative impact on the level of security of the state becomes the primary determinant in the search for more effective measures to counter new threats. One of these measures is to delegate new tasks to the military and Special Forces. It is therefore extremely important to the functioning of these institutions that they comprise of professional staff with analytical skills to identify threats and be competent to take adequate measures. Faculty Military and Special Forces in the security of the state is addressed to the professional soldiers of the Polish Army of all formations, as well as civilian employees working in its structures. This specialization will also be an excellent preparation for candidates for military service and public administration employees, who as part of their duties are responsible for contact with the military or deal with security issues.

Graduates of this faculty will gain knowledge of the following topics:

  • Special units in the army
  • State security system
  • Modern military technologies
  • International conflicts
  • International military relations
  • The basic issues of health and medical emergency
  • Crisis management and emergency issues
  • Interpersonal communication in emergency situations
  • Psychological basis for actions in emergency situations
  • Market of explosives and weapons
  • The organizational structure of modern armed forces
  • The law during armed conflict.

Job prospects:

Graduates of the faculty of Military and Special Forces in the security of the state will eventually be a highly qualified staff of the Polish Army. Skills and knowledge acquired during these studies will allow obtaining the competences to properly identify the national security threats, as well as defining the role of the military and Special Forces in their elimination. This specialization will also allow people not remaining in active military services to find out about the army specific actions and the principles of decision-making by authorized entities. This knowledge will help to achieve a significant advantage in today’s labor market.

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