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The law of Ukraine and Russia

Draft of Specialization

For several years the world politics and Polish foreign policy shows a growing interest in the issues of the east. Knowledge of the laws of Russia and Ukraine will help working in companies that operates on these markets. By understanding the “otherness” of legal systems of the two countries graduates will be able to quickly and efficiently establish contacts with the business as well as to avoid the mistakes in the eyes of the partners from those parts of the world.


Specialization focuses on:

  • Economic Law of Ukraine and Russia,
  • Civil law of Ukraine and Russia,
  • Criminal law of Ukraine and Russia,
  • Administrative Law of Ukraine and Russia,
  • Financial law of Ukraine and Russia.

Career prospects

Job prospects after completing this specialization are very broad. Graduates will be prepared to work as lawyers in public and private institutions cooperating with Russian and Ukrainian companies, in companies operating in Russia and Ukraine, and in Eastern investment companies in Poland. He can also be hired in international organizations and institutions, diplomatic missions and consular offices of foreign trade, the media, government and non-governmental organizations. Among the graduates of specialization will also be well-educated lawyers with a very rare knowledge, which will be a definite advantage in a challenging job market.


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