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Law and economics for SMEs

Draft of Specialization

Specialty law and economics for small and medium-sized enterprises is giving students general knowledge of law and economics, especially the issues, important in the sector of small and medium-sized enterprises. Focusing on these entities allows the valuable foundation for further development in all kinds of entities. Nowadays it’s obvious that people have to constantly adopt to new situations in work. Having general knowledge is a very useful skill as it adds to flexibility, which allows independent adjustment of qualifications, depending on current needs.

Specialization focuses on:

  • Foundations of jurisprudence, including in particular the interpretation of the law
  • Regulation of the operation of small and medium-sized enterprises
  • Fundamental issues related to the judicial and administrative procedures
  • Basic economics, including microeconomics
  • Issues related to the functioning of enterprises




Career prospects

Completion of specialization gives a very broad career prospects, especially taking into consideration that small and medium-sized enterprises are the most numerous, not only in Poland but also in the entire European Union. Impact on the Economy generated by this group is continuously growing, because it’s use of a specific legal framework of economic legislation, in particular of ‘Public-Aid’. For this reason, employment opportunities in this sector are the greatest, especially for people who have the knowledge and training to meet the needs of the market.

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