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Labor and social insurance law

Draft of Specialization

Issues related to labor law, and especially the law of social insurance systems are quite complex, and thus, demand for specialists in these fields is high. Studies help filling a niche, which undoubtedly exists both in the field of labor law, but also, and perhaps primarily in the field of social insurance law. A multitude of employment opportunities for good specialists in these areas, in both public and private companies, was one of the motives for introducing this specialty. Dynamic changes in labor law require the knowledge of the basic principles of labor law. In the field of social insurance the nature and the multitude of often extremely complex rules allow their proper use and understanding only to those who have the necessary theoretical knowledge.

Specialization focuses on:

  • Principles of labor and social insurance law
  • Labor Code and set of related rules, including acts of international law
  • The social insurance system
  • Issues related to the running or working in the HR Department
  • Writing letters and documents related to the field of labor law and social insurance law

Career prospects

Graduates will gain the knowledge that can be used both in the public or private entities, as well as when they ran their own business by hiring employees. Work can be found in sections of human resources and legal departments, and taking into account the knowledge obtained in the field of social insurance, also in Social Insurance office. Given the fact that the labor market is much less skilled in general in labor and social insurance law than e.g. the civil law, graduates of this specialty certainly will not have much trouble finding a well-paid and interesting job.

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