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Administering waste and recycling

Draft of Specialization

Graduates will have knowledge of the principles of waste management, the duties which the law imposes on waste producers and holders, the role of state and local government in the administration of waste and recycling. After completing this specialization graduate will have the knowledge of the regulations concerning the obligations of producers, importers and other traders in connection with recycling. She will also be able to identify and point to the company’s management, how to deal with waste (also in the process of recycling), in order to avoid a fine, or to avoid particular acts or ommissions recognized as an offense by specific laws. He will also have knowledge of remedial fees.

In the course of specialty Waste and recycling Managfement, students learn the rules of national and European law and gain the skills for the administration of waste and recycling. The program of specialization consists of detailed regulations on the types of waste, waste management rules according to their category, recovery processes, processes or mixing of waste  or its disposal.

Career prospects

Due to the intensifying European Union policy on waste and recycling related obligations, graduate of this specialization will be an attractive candidate for both the private and public sectors. Polish EU membership results in the fact that in the near future Poland will have to step up on actions related to implementing the principles of ecological waste management and recycling process. A graduate of this specialty will find employment in state institutions, which will be craeting the general principles in this area, the local authorities which are getting more and more responsibilities in this field, as well as in companies involved in waste management and recycling. Heavy fines and a number of statutory duties will force manufacturers and importers to employ people that will have broad practical and theoretical knowledge in the field of waste management and recycling

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