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Ambassador of Germany in RAE!


On Thursday, March 16th, 11.00 in the series of International Lectures, in the walls of the RAE at Traugutta 61a, German Ambassador to Poland, Rolf Nikel. The topic of the meeting was contemporary faces of German-Polish relations and cooperation of neighbors in the field of economic and trade exchange.

After a short welcome the guest’s profile was introduced by the Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences, Dr. Adam Ziółkowski.

The Ambassador emphasized the role of long-standing, very good relations between peoples: German and Polish. He drew attention to the common years of our common history and the distasteful past: disputes over historical truth, the settlement of World War II, the experience of the Nazi tragedy, which for a long time has shaken the good relations between the two countries.

The great commitment of the Poles and Germans made these relations as good as they have been in the past. Germany and the Poles after the Cold War and the overthrow of Communism have initiated a long process of reconciliation, pardon for wrongdoing and, above all, warming up political relations, thus achieving a common compromise.

In support of his theses, the Ambassador called for the initiative of celebrating the 25th anniversary of the Polish-German Good Neighborhood Treaty. The Embassy has organized numerous concerts, theater projects, exhibitions, so that both nations have a chance to build good relationships.

Rolf Nikel also noted the fruitful partnership of the border cities. In his opinion, the cooperation between pupils of both nations in the field of common language education deserves mention. Such cooperation is not only used by young Polish people who brush the language of Goethe and Schiller, but also of German-Polish descent who wants to know the language of their fathers”said Rolf Nikel.

The Ambassador also emphasized the role of economic and trade relations, which, thanks to many years of friendship between the two countries, allow the investment of large German companies in Poland, as well as the exchange of employees and services. At the end of the lecture there were questions from the audience: Radomians, students, lecturers as well as secondary school students.

The Ambassador was accompanied by a certified translator, Edyta Bochnia.

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