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Hasan Hasanov: about the influence of Islam on the culture of Azerbaijan


With a long history of Muslim culture and the secular influence of Islam in Azerbaijan could speak much. On February 8th at 13:00 at the headquarters of RAE on Tragutta 61a Street, Ambassador of Azerbaijan in Poland – Mr. Hasan Hasanov spoke about the historical conditions of Islam, which does not as a religion but as a culture firmly rooted in the traditions of the Azeri community, forming an important part of the identity of its citizens.

Azerbaijan has a long secular tradition, in which Islam serves as a cultural identity remains a factor, not force shaping the political order. This trend continues from the time that the secular intelligentsia of Azerbaijan, which emphasized the cultural links with the world of the Caucasian Muslims Turkish Islam was treated as the common cultural heritage of Turkish peoples.Therefore, the idea of a national religion does not become the foundation of the first independent state of Azerbaijan, which was founded in 1918.

During the lecture the Ambassador stressed the importance and role of Muslim influence, which – at the end of VII and VIII through the Arab conquest – today shape the sense of identity Azerbaijanis. However, as a democratic and secular republic is also the state of pluralism is not only a cultural but also religious. This means that even though in the minority, both Christians equal denominations, Muslims and followers of the Roman Catholic religion democratically co-create the Azeri community. As is the case with the Polish sovietization Azerbaijan began antireligious campaign. As a result, Islam has been transferred to the private sphere of home – many religious practices were banned, they demolished mosques, clerics persecuted. During perestroika and when independence came in Azerbaijan return to traditional values ??and religious revival, which were associated with the necessity of self-definition and redefinition of national identity. It is worth mentioning that the authorities of independent Azerbaijan chose the secular Turkish model and opted for the separation of religion and state.

Shortly after the lecture ambassador answered the questions of the audience. The students of RAE, including President of the Scientific Society of Young Managers, asked about the consequences of the European economic crisis in Asia, as well as how they look celebrations and festivities on the occasion of Women’s Day. Radom business representatives were interested in the possibilities and means of cooperation and trade between the Polish and Azerbaijan.

At the end, Mr. Hasan Hasanov invited all participants to a common, commemorative photo.

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