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ekielskaUniversity President
doc dr Elżbieta Kielska

She’s a graduate of University of Warsaw, has a degree in economic theory. She got her PhD from the Institute for the History of Science, Polish Academy of Sciences in Warsaw, where she obtained a doctorate in humanities on the history of education.

Dr Elżbieta Kielska completed postgraduate studies in economics and introduction to economic knowledge for teachers in the School of Economics in Warsaw. She is a certified teacher and a methodological advisor for economics classes in the Regional Centre for Methodology and Teacher Training Centre in Radom. She has a 3rd degree of teachers specialization in the teaching of socio-economic subjects. She participated in a number of refresher courses in the field of educational technology and methodology of teaching entrepreneurship. She’s been an academic teacher for many years. She taught at the School of Engineering in Radom, Technical University of Radom, and now at the School of Commerce in Radom. Dr Elżbieta Kielska is a member of the Conference of Rectors of Vocational Schools in Polish. She has many scientific achievements in the fields of teaching and the history of education. Since 2005, she served as Dean of the Faculty of Journalism, and in 2007 she received an appointment to the President of the Radom Academy of Economics.

associate prof, Dr Gerard Paweł Maj

He’s a graduate in the Faculty of Journalism and Political Science at the University of Warsaw. He graduated Journalism in 1994 and earned his doctorate in economics in 2001 at the College of Management and Finance at the Warsaw School of Economics. Is a chancellor of the Higher School of Economics in Radom since 1998, so basically since its inception. Additionally, he’s a economic journalist, he was publishing in Warsaw’s publishing house Ad Novum (1996-1998), the board proxy for the RZPS Radoskór SA in Radom (1997-1998), member of the board and the regional coordinator of the Association “Education for the entrepreneurship” based in Cracow (2006-2010), regional coordinator of the “Stock Exchange School” – Warsaw Stock Exchange (1999-2011), a lecturer at the School of Management and Marketing in Warsaw (1997-1998), the Catholic University of Lublin. John Paul II (2002-2004), the University of Warsaw (2005). His research interests focus on issues related to the management of marketing communications. Privately, the father of two sons, Eric  and Oscar . He’s a passionate about technical diving.


doc Ewa Jasiuk

She is a Doctor of Laws, finished her studies in the field of law with a master degree in 2003, at the High School of Commerce and Law of Ryszard Łazarski in Warsaw. She defended her PhD thesis in 2009 at University of Warsaw. She was the Dean of the Faculty of Humanities School of Economics in Radom in 2010. In the years 2009-2014 she served as Dean of the Faculty of Legal Sciences in Radom Academy of Economics. She’s mainly interested in the study of international law – in particular avionic and administrative laws of Poland and European Union. She was on a scholarships to the University of Rezeknes Augstskola (Rezekne, Latvia), as well as Beykent Univeristy (Istanbul, Turkey), Kodolányi Janos University College, Hungary (Szekesfehervar). She also wrote many scientific and popular articles, that were published as a part of collective works.

pkowalskiDean of the faculty of strategic and technical studies
Dr Paweł Kowalski

A graduate of the University of Łódź, with a PhD in the field of political science. His interest is focused around political systems of Scandinavia and issues related to national security. In 2009-2012, a lecturer at the Faculty of International and Political Studies at the University of Lodz. In the years 2013-2014 Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences in Piotrkow Trybunalski Academy of Economics. He completed Internships at the University of Växjö in Sweden and the University of Jyvaskyla in Finland.

Privately, husband and father of 2 -year-old Alexander.

1111111-300x199Deaon of social sciences

prof. dr hab. Dariusz Adamczyk

 Doctor of theology. Doctorate in pastoral theology at the Catholic University of Lublin, habilitation in the field of catechetics at the Pontifical Academy of Theology in Krakow. He was an associate professor at the University of Jan Kochanowski, in 2010-2012 Head of the Department of Integral Education and Revalidation at the Faculty of Pedagogy and Arts of the same University.

He received a Silver Medal for Long Service - the decision of the President of the Polish Republic on 1 August 2011; twice from the Rector won the Individual II Degree for outstanding scientific achievements. It has scientific achievements in the field of education. Research interests broadly understood education, religious education. Author of over 150 scientific articles on biblical theology, the unity of the Old and New Testament, ethics, education, and religious pedagogy.

agolebiowskiDean of the non-resident faculty of Radom Academy of Economics in Mielec
dr Andrzej Gołębiowski

PhD in Education – Special Education Academy in Warsaw, 2000. Lecturer at the Faculty of Humanities in Radom Academy of Economics. Vice President of the Polish Society for Social Policy Radoms branch. Member of the Drohiczynskie Scientific Society and the European Association for Security. His research interests focuses on the issues of education and socio-political. Author and producer of the prevention programs in the field of alcoholism and drug addiction. He specializes in the organization and management of social assistance. Editor of several group publications and author of several scientific articles. He organized several conferences on national and international level. Apart from academia community his life passion is mountaineering. He was appointed to a current position on October 1st, 2013.

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